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Pathways and Sailing Programs

Like many sports, sailing offers a pathway for new participants to use as their guide to build experience, skills and confidence. The PYC is working hard to provide stepping stones to cater for all levels of sailor, keeping them engaged and challenged while continuing to broaden their knowledge of this fantastic sport.

The PYC has setup the following Sailing programs to provide this pathway and progression within our club.

Discover Sailing Days

Discover Sailing Days offer participants the chance to visit our club, meet our members and get out on the water to see if they like the sport. Discover Sailing Days are listed on our Sailing Calendar and are open to all ages and abilities. Discover Sailing Days are free to attend and all boats and safety equipment are provided by the club. The PYC caters for many classes ranging from off the beach monohulls and catamarans to Trailables and Keelboats. It is recommended to allow 1-2 hours if you want to get out on the water.

Tackers/ Out There Sailing

Tackers is a fun introductory, games-based sailing program designed for kids aged 7-12 yrs, delivered by registered and qualified Australian Sailing Instructors. Kids don’t need to have any sailing experience or club membership to participate. All the equipment, including the boats (Opti’s), are provided. Tackers is usually only offered in the summer holiday period.

There are three levels for kids to progress through.

Tackers 1 = Having fun

Tackers 2 = Tricks & Techniques

Tackers 3 = Sailing Fast!

Out There Sailing = emphasis on having fun in a social setting while learning the skills of sailing and windsurfing.

Ages 13-17

Each level involves 20 hours of participation structured as a 3-4 day holiday program.

For general information and a quick video of the Tackers program, please visit

For general information and a quick video of the Tackers program, please visit

To register for the upcoming programs on the 22nd-24th Jan 2024 please visit:

The PYC Mentor Program

The aim of the PYC Mentor Program is to provide training and information on the basics of sailing. This program is best suited to anyone above the age limits of the Tackers program. New members "Buddy" would be paired with a “Mentor” who has their own suitable boat and adequate sailing knowledge. The mentors would teach their buddy the basics of sailing and any other knowledge or skills which relate specifically to their boat (launching, docking, maintenance, fueling etc.) It would be up to the pair to arrange days and times which best suits both parties. On the last Sunday of each month we all join in with the Better Sailing program and have a structured topic for the day. For more information please contact Luke on 0407 548 582

Twilight Social Sailing

Twilight Social sailing is conducted on Friday nights during daylight savings. It’s open to all keel and trailerable yachts. Participants must either be financial on water members or obtain a sail pass from Australian Sailing via the Portland Yacht Club website. No sailing experience is needed and new participants are encouraged to join in. Boats leave the dock around 5.00pm and return to the club for dinner and drinks afterwards. It’s a great way to unwind after a busy week. For more information please contact Mick on 0431 297 279

Learn to Sail

Learn To Sail is a 6 week structured course taught by our club officials. This course is conducted during the second half of the season, providing a great opportunity for anyone who has participated in the Discover Sailing Days, Tackers 1 or Twilight Social sailing. To enroll in Learn To Sail you must be an on-water member of the PYC. All boats and safety equipment will be provided by the club. Learn To Sail is open to all age groups. The clubs fleet of Pacers will be used for instruction. The course will cover basic weather knowledge, rigging and launching of boats, points of sail, tacking and jybeing, and capsize recovery.

Green Fleet Sailing

The Green Fleet Sailing Program is an unstructured program held on most Sunday mornings. Green Fleet Sailing is open to all members of the PYC with basic sailing skills. The aim of this program is to build on skills gained through Tackers and Learn To Sail and focuses on constantly improving. The club Opti’s, Pacers and Lasers will be available, although participants are encouraged to bring their own boats and windsurfers. For more information please contact Luke on 0407 548 582

Intermediate Racing

The Intermediate Racing Program is a modified form of competition that gives participants a chance to experience racing. Only very basic rules apply and the emphasis is on practicing skills with a group of people of a similar level. Limited results are taken and participants are encouraged to change boats and crews to learn from the more experienced participants. Instructors will be on hand to give advice where needed. All classes of boat and windsurfers are encouraged to participate. For mone information please contact Luke on 0407 548 582


SheSails aims to promote a supportive and inclusive environment with a focus on female participation in the sport of sailing. ALL skill levels are welcome and catered for. The format of this course is very flexible depending on the ability and goals of the participants. There may be theory, social sailing and coaching if required. For more information please send an email to

Sunday Racing

As with most clubs, the PYC runs a combination of pennant racing and short/long races series and caters for all classes. Results are awarded on handicap and the series runs over the entire season. Participants must be full financial members of the club or obtain a sail pass from Australian Sailing via the Portland Yacht club website. To participate and become a member of the Portland Yacht Club you do not need your own boat. Although most participants use their own craft, a great way to start saiilng and get some experience is to crew on someone else’s boat. The club also has boats which members can utilise in the shot term if required. For more information please call Luke on 0407 548 582.

Remote Control Laser Sailing

The RC Laser program is a combination of racing and training for club members with Remote Control Lasers. The RC Lasers are a scaled down version of the Olympic Class Laser and currently race all over the world. With new boats available around the $700 mark ( and second hand boats even cheaper) its a great way to get involved in the club without the commitment and storage issues of a full size boat. Current members have competed at various State and National Championships and have a wealth of knowledge which they are willing to pass on. The calendar is listed in the "Documentation " section for any interested. For more information please contact Brad on 0490 765 217

Friends of the Portland Yacht Club

FOPYC is a social group that meet on Monday mornings over the summer season to maintain the yacht club and training boats. It is an opportunity for people to learn new skills, meet new people and give back to the Yacht Club and their community. Non-Members are strongly encouraged. If you are interested in joining the crew or want more information please email the club Secretary:

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